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Reaching out

Hi blogging world!

We decided to start this blog to help our friends keep up to date with the happenings around Stampii.

In this blog we hope to provide a degree of transparency andĀ openness to allow our friends to share in the journey with us!

Previous to this, we did a lot of our mail outs using ‘’.

While this worked well, we are starting to notice that ‘contact@’ can at times get blocked by spam filters and also ignored due to the impersonal nature of the address. Mind you, it is also a little bit of a snore…

After a few months of using it, we felt that it did not really fit into the brand, culture and values of our company (being boring) and would like to change that.

As such… I (Alwin) thought we could start with calling out to our friends as to what email address they would like to receive our news emails from?

I’m looking at something creative, that could be used by our PR team, and also the Stampii server box. It should be fun, witty with a bit of class. ;-)

Send your submissions below! We are going to give the winner a free prize worth $20 at one of our Stampii venues!